Due to our industrialized domestication of food we use only only 0.01% of the available options offered by nature. To produce this 0.01% massively we destroy our habitat, our planet and the other 99.99%. In FRE2SH we wish to develop our relationship with nature within this 100% and without its destruction.

Totally new food cultures can arise, with a great nutritious value and healing capacity. This introduces new entrepreneurship at all levels of food engagement, from indoor and outdoor productivity to logistics, local for local engagements, applied techniques and technologies, new cooking receipts, restaurants and social environments. A totally new eco-nomy.

What we say in Sustainocracy

Food is a shared responsibility, not just a commodity.

Economy means eco (nature) and nomos (rules). The rules of nature.

The first human need is our social connection. Food is a means to engage.

Let’s engage in our food responsibility, joy and wellness.