Global FRE2SH Community


Because food is a shared responsibility, just like the drinking water we need every day and healthy air. They form a cooperation with the natural environment around us. These responsibilities determine our health, our safety as a species and our sustainable existence. They should therefore not be treated as an industrialized product.


As a global community we share wisdom, initiatives and best practices. We also form a network against the destructive aggression of financial preditors, protecting the fullfilment of our needs and our essential relationship with our natural environment.


The community consists of local farmer communities from all around the world, empowerment trainers, experts, activist lawyers, chef cooks, restaurants, new age local food entrepreneurs, caterers, municipalities that choose to work on the local regenerative, circular food economy, citizens, enterprises providing technology,


FRE2SH is situated at level 4 regional development, with focus on local food (and water) resilience. It is values drive cooperative based on commitment to the above. Participation is free.