Community activities

Shared services

Masterclass 4 x WIN food entrepreneurship

The Masterclass is a practical learning environment that helps you realize your own initiatives in the field of regenerative food self sufficiency and values driven entrepreneurship. It develops the learning in 3 phases spread of at least 12 months: introduction, realization and celebration.

Masterclass regional development

This Masterclass is directed a local regional governance and multidisciplinary cooperation between government, business development, citizens, science and education. It concentrates on the complexity of transforming a city or region into a self sustaining eco-system.

Field visits

FRE2SH organizes field trips for awareness, visiting best practices, inspiration and development of self leadership. The trips support local initiatives and can be part of the masterclasses, personal health and awareness programs or practical learning environments.

Shared inspiration, expertise and network

The dynamics of togetherness within the field of a common goal and purpose is key to feel supported, helped where necessary and understood. The FRE2SH network is meant to provide guidance, assistance, information, best practice, research, etc for all the members in the community. Together we develop and share expertise, inspiration, innovation and best practices for the benefit of sustainable human resilience and wellness across the world.